Professional Training Services

Enhance Your Skills with Professional Training Programs

Elevate your career with specialised training services designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Whether you are looking to become a certified cleaning professional or need manual handling training, these comprehensive programs will ensure you are well-prepared for your role.


Why Choose These Professional Training Services?

  1. Certified Trainers
    • Learn from industry experts with extensive experience and certifications.
  2. Comprehensive Programs
    • Benefit from thorough training covering all essential aspects of your field.
  3. Hands-On Experience
    • Gain practical skills through hands-on training and real-world applications.
  4. Career Advancement
    • Improve your qualifications and boost your career prospects with recognised certification.
    Become a Certified (BICS) Cleaning Professional with Loreto Group

    Certified BICS Cleaning Professional Training

    Become a Certified BICS Cleaning Professional

    Develop your cleaning skills and professionalism with comprehensive training programs.

    Benefits include:

    • Expert Instruction: Learn from certified trainers accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS).
    • Hands-On Training: Participate in practical sessions that provide real-world experience.
    • Career Opportunities: Enhance your career prospects with a recognised certification.
    Manual Handling Course Dublin

    Manual Handling Training

    Ensure Safety with Manual Handling Training

    Learn safe and effective manual handling techniques to prevent injuries and improve workplace safety.

    Offerings include:

    • Certified Trainers: Receive instruction from experienced professionals.
    • Practical Techniques: Master essential manual handling skills through hands-on training.
    • Workplace Safety: Enhance your understanding of safety practices to reduce the risk of injury.

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